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Colorful Abstract Painting


The Arlington Art Dealers Association (AADA) is a federally recognized not-for-profit 501(C)(3) organization.  AADA was formed to promote opportunities among the city's art galleries, schools, and museums.  We are here to create a unified voice of advocacy for the arts (in all its forms).


AADA has worked with independent galleries, art organizations, museums, and art supporters in and around the great city of Arlington,Texas. 


We are committed to developing, fostering, and stimulating a thriving arts community by creating opportunities for local venues to invite residents, visitors, established and emerging artists, and collectors to celebrate and experience the arts.  AADA has successfully revived the tradition of gallery night  with Arlington Arts Night.


AADA looks forward to further promoting the arts with plans for extending arts education outreach to students of all ages, as well as by cultivating internship opportunities and scholarship awards for young and emerging artists.

Please consider joining or supporting our vision by applying or donating, today!

Executive Director
Sharon Henderson

Marketing Director
Claire E. Alexander

Events Director
Tellamecus Forsythe


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